Dethawing & General Cooking Tips

  1. We suggest thawing the beef in the refrigerator a few days before eating it. If you are cooking the beef that day, place the meat in a bowl of luke warm water in the sink to thaw. This is a great way to thaw ground beef quickly without the use of the microwave. When using the microwave, Grass-fed steaks can become tougher and ground beef falls apart. It may be appropriate for ground beef used in spaghetti, tacos, or casseroles, but hamburgers fall apart when thawed by a microwave.  Grain-fed is not as effected by the microwave, however all beef tastes better when thawed in water versus the microwave. 


  1. Cook GRASS-FED beef SLOWER and LOWER! Grass-fed beef is a leaner cut of beef. It is great to sear the beef at a higher temperature for the first 2-3 minutes of cooking (300-325 degrees), but lower your grill to 200-250 degrees to finish your cuts.  Depending upon your grill, you can raise the temperature to 250 when the beef is not cooking at all and lower it again as the beef browns.  Beef will cook even when pulled off the grill and wrapped in foil on a plate.  Allow your GRASS-FED cuts to sit for a two minutes for the juices to redistribute in the cut.  Serve warm to enjoy it's best flavor!  
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