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Grass: Our cattle spend the summer months on bermuda, WW-Bdhal, and native grasses. During the winter we plant a mixture of wheat, oats, and sometimes clover. We graze in a rotational cycle during the growing season. Most of our pastures are grazed for 7-10 days each depending on the rainfall and the type of grasses. This has proven not only helpful for cattle gaining weight, and also very beneficial for the land, as it allows the grasses to rest and not be grazed continuously.

Instead of using pesticides and fertilizers, we now use annual crop rotations, prescribed burning, and are starting to work with the Natural Resource Conservation Service to develop a cover crop system to help build our soil naturally. 

Grain: Our grain fed cattle are turned out in grass pastures of 10-40 acres. They are hand fed a non-GMO corn, shipped in from south Arkansas daily. Unlike other feed yards, our cattle always have access to fresh water, shade, and plenty of grass while they are being finished on grain the last 60-90 days prior to harvest.

Hay: When needed, all of our cattle are supplemented with alfalfa hay during the winter months or during periods of drought. Our hay is an older variety, non GMO Buffalo Alfalfa, grown in central Oklahoma. It's more expensive than locally grown bermuda but we feel our cattle and customers are worth it.