Grass-Fed, Grass Finished

What is Grass-finished Beef?
Grass-finished beef (sometimes marketed as grass-fed beef) comes from cattle that have been raised on a forage diet their entire lives. While most cattle spend the majority of their lives in pastures eating grass before moving to a feedlot for grain-finishing, grass-finished beef cattle remain on a pasture and forage diet.

Nutritional Value of Grass-finished Beef
All beef is nutrient-rich, with eight times more vitamin B12, six times more zinc, and three times more iron than skinless chicken breast. There are 29 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for lean, like the tenderloin, sirloin and 95% lean ground beef.

Taste of GrassFinished Beef
Compared to grain-fed beef, grass-finished products are often described as having a distinctively different taste.

How do I best prepare Grass raised/finished beef?
Grass-fed beef has less fat (marbling) than corn finished beef, so for best results utilize the very-low-and-slow approach—longer cooking times at low temperatures.

How are you different from conventional cattle feeding? 
"I don't feel that the conventional cattle feeder is wrong. I just feel that there is a Better way to raise beef. I do feel that the large corporate cattle feeders and packing plants are not listening to the wants and needs of the customer. They are not designed to produce a product that an increasing number of consumers are asking for".

Why is a small operation better than what you can get at your local grocer?

"I feel that being small, local and being involved in every single stage gives us an advantage by providing what our customers are telling us that they want for their families protein needs. Also, we want to ask the customer what they want, listen to what they have to say, and go back to the ranch and produce a wholesome, affordable product that meets their needs."

How do you raise both Grass-fed and Grain-fed beef?

Our Grass-fed and Grain-fed cattle are actually the same cattle.  We remove the Grain-fed cattle from the herd at 60-90 days before harvest and finish them in seperate pastures on a non-GMO whole corn ration.  We can harvest the Grain-fed cattle at a younger age, around 18-20 months, because cattle finish faster on grain.