Ground Beef

$6.00 per pound! Grass fed

$3.99 per pound grain fed (for a limited time. does not qualify for free ship)

Compare that to anyone else on all Natural and see the savings!

80/20 blend grain finished and 90/10 grass finished. Sold in one pound packages. 

Ever get ground beef that seems to be full of water?  Well, that is mostly because commodity beef has has implants or hormones used in the growing of the animal, causing he animal to retain more water.  Our beef is 100% beef, no fillers or water added.  We also have single batch grind.  Meaning, we don't take protein from all different sources and then grid them all together.  When you see a meat recall it's always on ground beef.  This is the reason. Protein from all different sources ground together with fat added to make a blend and then something goes wrong and they don't know what so they recall the entire batch. As our customer you can rest assure that we do not take from unknown sources. What you get in our ground beef is our protein and ours alone.  It truly is the Better Way to Beef. 

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