Our Cattle

Zanzibar Cattle Co. - Our Cattle

Our cattle are mostly Black and Red Angus with an occasional Hereford or Red Baldie (Red Angus -Hereford cross). As our operation grows and we need more cattle faster than we can produce it, almost 2 years from birth to harvest, we partner with producers in East Central Colorado and Central Texas to purchase additional cattle. These producers adhere to the same strict guidelines as it pertains to all grass diet, humane animal handling, and nothing added. i.e., growth implants or antibiotics. An All Natural affidavit is kept on file for all cattle purchased that will follow them all the way to harvest.

We always try to take two animals to harvest so that no animal is alone.  This helps keep them calm during transport and also will help prevent a release of adrenalin which can lead to less tender meat.  We personally transport cattle to harvest and pick it up for better quality control.

After working cattle all over the country, we built a new modern working facility that works with the animals natural instinct rather than working against them, forcing them to go somewhere they do not want to go.  By building this facility we have almost eliminated any use of a hot shot or cattle prod. 

Our cattle receive vaccinations around 3 months old and again at 9 months.  They are harvested between 20-26 months old.