Our Cattle

Zanzibar Cattle Co. - Our Cattle

As a USDA certified All Natural feeding facility we far exceed the standards set by the USDA and third party auditors for animal welfare.  Our Angus cattle are turned out in 4-15 acre pastures with access to fresh water, shade, and plenty of room to stretch out.  You might say they live a life of luxury compared to commodity beef. 

After working cattle all over the country, we built a new modern working facility that works with the animals natural instinct.  By building this facility we have almost eliminated any use of a hot shot or cattle prod. 

Our cattle receive vaccinations around 3 months old and again at 9 months.  They are harvested between 20-28 months old.  

To meet the demands of our growing business we purchase beef from Texas ranches that are All Natural feeding programs to sell in our shops in Keller and Argyle, TX.